Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile

Formally known as Asian Precision Singapore, Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (SEP) Plating Division was established in May 1979 to provide metal surface treatment on watch case and watch movement components to support Seiko Epson Group, Japan. To add-value to our business, we expanded to local and oversea customers as well.

We apply advance technologies together with qualified personnel that are matched by a state of the art laboratory, to deliver quality products that are up to, or even exceed customers' expectations. Our experience team of engineers also strives on innovation and challenges, to give customers' a lowest cost of ownership possible without compromising on quality.

SEP also offers a flexible approach to meet logistics requirements through shift-to-stock services, overseas shipment and one-stop service to meet the total need of customers. On top of that, SEP is actively exploring new industries to diversify its operation.

To maintain our esteem quality and unrivalled reputation in the market, we achieved ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015. SEP places the utmost priority on quality to create reliable products and services that continue to surpass customer expectation. SEP had also been approved for the prestigious IATF16949:2016 certification to cater for the aerospace and automotive industries. We also achieved SS577:2012 for water Efficiency management system.

Doing our part for society, SEP is actively involved in community services and environment activities that link ecology with economy, using our strict corporate social responsibility as guideline.
  Our Commitment
Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile

"Working under the "Exceed Your Vision" tagline, Epson is determined to constantly responds to the changes in the market demand, conditions and trends by tapping into its store of creativity and technical knowledge of each individual. Epson aims to stay ahead of competition through provision of quality services and products that exceeds customers' expectations and by practising Corporate Social Responsibility."

Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (Plating Division)
General Manager
John Loh Kwong Yong

  Company Profile
Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile Singapore Epson Industrial - Plating Division

Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile Singapore Epson Industrial - Main Plant

Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile Epson Surface Engineering ZhenJiang (China)
Plating Plant
Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (Plating Plant)
86 & 88, Second Lok Yang Road, Jurong, Singapore 628162
Main Plant
Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd (Main Plant)
1 Tuas Link 4, Singapore 637898
Contact Tel: +65 62682164
Fax: +65 62653566
Establishment 1979
Number of employees 197
Business Type Plating, Surface Engineering
  • Plating Types:
    Chrome, Zinc, Copper, Nickel, Tin, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Rhodium, Palladium, ENIG, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), AR (Anti-Reflective) Coating.
  • Functional Plating:
    Alloy plating, composite plating.
Industrial Segments
  • Aerospace Industry, Automobile Industry, Electronics Industry, Medical Devices Industry, Watch Industry, Semiconductor Industry, Oil and Gas Industry
Environmental Technology
  • Waste EN Recovery System
  • Waste Water Recycle System
  • Potassium Permanganate KMnO4 Reuse Technologies
  • Waste Ink Process System
  • HCl Recycle System
  • Solar Energy Regenaration System
Affiliate Epson Surface Engineering ZhenJiang (China)
International Standard ISO 9001
ISO 14000
China Surface Engineering Plant 30# building No.198 Zhen Cheng Road, Zhen Jiang City, Jiangsu Province, China 212006
Contact Tel: (86) 0511-85892555
International Standard ISO 9001
  Company Milestone
Asian Precision Singapore Asian Precision Singapore
May 1979 Asian Precision(S), APS formed to provide plating for TPL.
1988 Started plating/surface treatment business for watch movement parts.
Oct 1992 APS was unified with TPL & EPS to form SEP Group.
May 1995 Started IC Automated Lead frame plating.
1996 ISO9000 Certification.
Dec 1998 ISO14001 Certification.
Mar 2000 Patented Watch product Word Index E-Coating technology.
Jan 2001 Started "Lead free" IC Lead Frame Plating (Fully Automation).
Feb 2001 Established Plating for Chip Scale Packaging SAW in Clean room.
Mar 2001 Patented Composite E-Coat Technology (Using for printer Shaft).
May 2002 Established new water treatment technology to treat Industrial water to DI water & won SEC Environment Award Level I.
Apr 2003 Set up Super-Precision(sub-µm) plating for HDD FDB Part.
Jun 2003 Establish bondable Electroless Gold(>0.5µm)plating for PCB.
Nov 2003 Upgraded to ISO9001:2000 Certification.
Apr 2004 Factory area expansion.
2007 Established PVD Coating Technology.
July 2009 Factory area expansion.
Dec 2009 IATF16949:2016 Certification.
Sept 2013 Awarded PUB WEB Silver Award
Feb 2014 Certified SS 577
Sept 2014 Awarded PUB WEB Gold Award
  Company Facilities
Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile
Class1000 Cleanroom
Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile
Aerospace Parts Plating Equipment
Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile
Semi-Automated Plating Line
Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile
Heat Treatment Room
Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile
Automated Plating on Ceramics
Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile
Plating for Watches
Epson (SEP) Plating Division - Company Profile
PVD Facility
Epson Plating Division also has the following facilities:
  • Flex Tape Plating in Cleanroom
  • Semiconductor Wafer Plating in Cleanroom
  • Anti-Relective Optical Coating in Cleanroom
  • Fully Automated Selective Gold Plating Line
  • Non-Bath System Selective Silver Plating Line