South China Morning Post: Singapore Epson Industrial Shows True Potential Of Hi-Tech Coating

As a key part of the industrial chain, finishing technology can bring multiple industries to a green future. Following intensive research and development (R&D),  Singapore Epson Industrial shows the way with advanced surface treatment  technologies developed by in-house engineering experts. Initially an exclusive provider of metal surface treatment for the Epson Group’s watch business, the company has become an industry leader with a full suite of plating capabilities. Its expertise is evident in the Seiko Astron, the world’s first solar GPS watch, which blocks more than 99 per cent of light reflection with super-clear coating. Similarly innovative solutions have made Singapore Epson Industrial the preferred technology partner for global companies in the automotive, oil and gas, medical, aerospace and semiconductor industries over the past 10 years.

Singapore Epson Industrial shows true potential of hi-tech coating(12/08/13)