Seiko Epson Corp. President Award

Singapore Epson Industrial Plating Division was awarded the SEC President award for Encourangement. Seiko Epson Corp. President, Minoru Usui came down personally to present the award.

On 9 July 2014, Seiko Epson Corp. (SEC) President, Minoru Usui paid a visit to our Singapore plating plant for the President's Award Ceremony. Singapore Epson Industrial (SEP) Plating Division was awarded the President's award for Encouragement. Being impressed by the efforts from SEP, this was what he has to say.

"Thanks to their efforts in research and development, SEP can now offer advanced surface processing services that are distinct and unrivaled in their region, and can boast of unusually high profitability because of their efforts to proactively create profit generating value. Their surface processing business is also making big contributions within Epson's internal operations, including their surface processing of watch cases and their preprocessing of surface mount components that are used in our wristwatches and printers. Yet aside from advancements in research and development, their true acumen was in their ability to leverage our production technologies to commercialize these capabilities. To achieve a level of manufacture that truly delights their customers, they needed to make their technology truly useful. In our vertically integrated manufacturing model, it is essential that our business be based, not just on technologies derived from research and development, but on our unique manufacturing know-how as well. I believe that all our other operations should become thoroughly acquainted with SEP's operation. Moreover, by concentrating our semiconductor surface mounting processes at SEP, a more efficient operation has been created."