New Service - Barrel Sputtering

Singapore, Sep 28, 2021

  Barrel Sputtering


The barrel sputtering machine is designed with a rotating barrel in which products are loaded for sputtering process. The barrel sputtering process enables high loading quantity and great productivity for loose/small size metallisation.
Barrel Sputtering– Specification
Coating Specification :-
1. Coating material: Ti, Cr, Cu, Ni, SUS…
2. Maximum heating temperature: 300°C
3. Residual gas analyser: ULVAC CGM

1. Metallization for ceramic rod
2. Metallization of ceramic or other material products with small part size

Barrel Sputtering– Benefits
1. High productivity and loading volume for metallization of small size product such as ceramic rod
2. Metallization layer with excellent electronic functional performance compared with wet plating
3. Good thickness uniformity

Barrel Sputtering Table

Barrel Sputtering Machine
Barrel Sputtering Machine