New Service - Multi-Target Sputtering

Singapore, Nov 10, 2021

  Multi-Target Sputtering

The Multi-target sputtering system designed with multi-targets (4 targets) inside the process chamber, suitable for R&D, prototype sputtering or small scale production for wafer and panel products.
Machine is also configured with a load lock, which enable users to load/unload products without breaking the vacuum of process chamber
Multi-Target Sputtering– Specification
Coating Specification :-
1. Coating material: Ti, Cu, Al, Ni, TiW, Ta, Cr etc.
2. Maximum heating temperature (500°C ± 1%)
3. Sputtering layer thickness uniformity ± 5%

1. Metal layer sputtering for wafer and panel products
2. Hole filling for wafer and panel products
3. Reactive sputtering for dielectric thin film layer for wafer and panel products

Multi-Target Sputtering– Benefits
1. Suitable for multilayer sputtering without breaking vacuum (4 targets in chamber)
2. Equipped with high-magnetic cathode plate to sputter Ni and other ferromagnetic material
3. High flexibility for different product size or coating specification

Multi-target Sputtering Machine
Multi-target Sputtering Machine