Anti Reflective Coating on Glass



Epson has developed a superhard optical coating for glass. The coating-glass system can take the place of glass. In addition, it can provide transmittance rate as high as 95%, and anti-finger print functionality.


  • Display covers and lenses in different areas:

  • Automotive

  • Electronic Devices

  • Mobile Communications
  • Optical Components

  • Sensor Technology


Hardness is 550Hv and 1250Hv for glass and glass coated with EPSON’s super-hard coating, individually. Cracks generated and propagated along indentation edge for pure glass, but there are no such cracks on the glass coated with EPSON’s super-hard coating. Indentation impressions after Vickers-hardness test at 500gf load are shown in Fig. 1.


Scratch-Resistance coating acts as a protective layer thus making the glass more durable. Scratch track on glass is clear but it is invisible on glass coated with EPSON’s super-hard coating. Tracks scratched under 2.5kgf load with surgical blade on glass and coated glass are shown in Fig. 2.


For fashion, comfort and clarity, anti-reflective treatment is the way to go. It makes the lens nearly invisible. It can improve transmittance of glass from 90% to more than 95% and reduce reflectivity from 5% to less than 1%.

Anti-finger print

Anti-finger print ability can reduce fingerprint and enhance dirt removal, and at the same time decrease surface scratching.

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