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Singapore Epson Industrial offers advance surface finishing technologies for the aviation, MRO and OEM industries. We customize our plating methods for high mix and low volume parts. Our high technological based selective and compact plating system provide fast turnaround time and plating on stringent specifications demanded by customers.

  Selective Plating on Plane Engine Parts
Epson Plating Division Aerospace Industry One of Epson's Unique Technology is Doing Selective Plating on Plane Engine Parts with small Plating Area.
Unique Plating Technology Specifications
Substrate: Inconel 718
Titanium Alloy Ti6AI-4V (AMS 4954H)
Titanium Alloy Ti6AI-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo (AMS 4952D)
SUS 304, 316, 619, 616 (Hi Cr)
Ni Alloy 42
Aluminum Oxide
Beryllium Cr
Plasma Stripping SPOP 301
Passivation AMS 2700, ASTM A967
Electrolytic Nickel Plating SPOP 26, SPOP 29, AMS-QQ-N290, AMS 2403
Electroless Nickel Plating SPOP 311
Chrome Plating AMS-QQ-C-320, AMS 2460, AMS 2406, BAC 5760, SPOP 22
Silver Plating AMS 2410, AMS 2411, AMS 2412, SPOP 24
Thickness: Ni: 5-10μm
Cr: 0.5-2μm

Ag: <20μm
Technical Challenges
Selective Plating done on Big Engine Parts with Very Small Plating Area and Requires Thick Plating of 300μm
Selective plating on plane engine parts
Very Small Plating Area

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