Gold Tin (Au80Sn20) Alloy Plating

Gold Tin (AuSn) solder, a cornerstone in electronic soldering, offers versatility in application through methods like preform, solder paste, sequential evaporation, and electro-deposition. Our specialized electroplating process stands out as a cost-effective solution, delivering unparalleled thickness and positional control, with superior bonding reliability, wettability, and creep resistance.



  • Die attach material.
  • Chip bonding material for optoelectronic/microelectronic devices. /li>
  • Lids for package sealing (hybrid, photonic, microelectronic & photo electronic device etc.)
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    Wafer Level Plating Technology Eutectic Gold Tin (AuSn)

    Alloy solder is used to solder IC chips to substrate for hermetic packaging assembly with Excellent bonding reliability, wettability, creep resistance.

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