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Singapore Epson Plating division specialise in photoetching process with tight tolerances and high repeatability control for substrate that are beyond conventional stamping method's capabilities.The process offer a better cost benefit especially for precision compenents onto various types of material with minimum set up cost.When component integrity is critical, photo etching is often the only suitable metal machining technology as metal temper and magnetic properties are unaffected.

  Photo Etching
Epson Plating Division Photo Etching Industry We offer wide variety on different substrate material such as Copper Alloys, Beryllium Copper, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel and Nickel Allous. Silver and Spring steels.Speciality materials suchs as Molydenum, Titanium, Elgiloy, Niobium, Nitino tungsten and SUS can be also etched with intricate details, as well as Polyimide and PET film.
Process: Tolerance
Material Thickness Min 0.10mm(4mils)
Max 2.50mm (100mils)
Min Dia. Hole: 0.015mm
Min L/S: 0.150mm
Min L/S Tolerance: 0.020mm
Min Tolerance +/-0.030mm
Pitch Tolerance +/-0.010mm for below 10mm
Outer Radius. 50% of material thickness.
Inner Radius 80% of material thickness.
Undercut or Bevel Single side etch 40%
Double side etch 20%
Degree of Slope depends on half-etch depth.
Min Tie-ins or Tabs 0.5*0.15mm
Process Flow
Selective plating on plane engine parts

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